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The latest from Milan Fashion Week

                              FASHION ITALIANO

                           (BEST  FROM  MILAN  FASHION WEEK)

Ooh I just love Italian fashion , designs are purely simple, sophisticated, natural and full of  inspirations. That's what Italian fashion talks about. 

The recent collections from Milan fashion week had its own standard, keeping my eyes wide open  I just lost in its sophistication of designs


Milan has its own standard of fashion , from Prada, Armani, Marni, Dolce and Gabbana to versace, all had an epic success in the world of fashion.


 Prada Ss17 collection has a sense of persecution about it, it was full of feathers from sleeves to bottom of the garment. The silhouettes were till the calf and mostly straight.
Things to wear right now, a leather bomber with a contrast pockets was a stand out.

                          DOLCE AND GABBANA

Travel to the make believe Italian Tropic, where icons traditionally associated with Italy like pasta, bread and superstitious symbols mix with an overall holiday mood punctuated by cocktails, ice creams and sequins. Relaxed footwear like slippers are given are luxurious upgrade and are worn with with a joyful fashion which does not compromise on finishing and tailoring.



This time Moschino throw the best of creativity on his collection. It was full of 3-d paper art-work based on girly themes. The look was more feminine along with interesting hair bangs with might trend this season.


Being satisfied playing the role of arm candy, glitterlingly static under disco light isn't enough any more .Strength can be athleticism, energy, a sense of sisterhood. That’s the agenda Versace’s Spring collection seemed to put forward, to a feminist soundtrack written by Violet and Photonz, exhorting an end to passivity. “Living is better than dreaming,” went one of the lines. “Take the leap!”

So Versace’s female crew—models of many ages and far more varieties of shape than per normal—strode out in a collection that majored on outdoor active-wear. There were billowy nylon parkas; body-con leggings with tight sporty T-shirts; Teva flatform sandals.

 Not that this was exactly a camping collection. Versace techniques will out, and the nylon techno fabric was soon threaded with drawstrings, pulled and ruched into a couple of asymmetrically sexy dresses in green and navy blue. 


Marni’s SS17 collection has silhouettes that are reminiscent of classical Greek sculpture and a color palette straight out of nature.

Marni’s woman is a truly modern, ethereal being. For SS17, Marni created flowing and almost-architectural garments that are not to dissimilar to works of art. Starting the show with the over sized and slightly mannish (but still feminine) coats that came in milky whites, delicate buttermilk and dark grey dapple-effect, Marni’s collection was made for the modern woman. Sometimes, she doesn’t have time to carry a bag, and instead, she attaches two mini-backpacks onto a belt and straps them around her waist.

With a palette ranging from deep earthy browns to white and raspberry, Marni’s color chart dived head first into nature’s spectrum. Starting the show off with snowy hues of white, then buttermilk and cream, the collection moved through green-based and dappled hues before being hit with shocking raspberry and bright red.



After a relatively muted Fall collection of ballet pinks and black, their new Resort clothes were a jolt—dense with color, print, and embroidery. “The thing we love about Cuba is the many different memories of the place—African, Spanish, ’50s America,” Chiuri said over the phone. Piccioli picked up the thought: “It gave us a real freedom to mix, like a souvenir, lots of pieces together.” As promised, they touched on their greatest hits, offering apropos tweaks: 

Their beaded lace evening dresses were made new with large painted wooden beads, and their familiar camouflage jackets came in a softer washed material, as if they’d been worn over and again and had gone through the machine more than a few times. 


In typical Armani style, this collection was an otherwise uniformly calm meditation on the standard house codes: slim-fitting zipper leather jackets, of the sort Jodie Foster favours for public appearances; balloon-hemmed sarong skirts and pyjama-style trousers in tissue-thin pastel-printed Georgette and organza. 

There was a strong floral pattern throughout and the palette was purple and blue, with shots of red, and lots of grey — sparkly micro-sequin silver shorts that fell elegantly to just below mid-thigh, ash-colored collarless long-line jackets and boardroom-ready blazers with crimson piping. Many of the looks, and most of the accessories, had shawl fringing. The shorter evening looks were over-layered with lattice bead-work capes.

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