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17's Jewellery trends

          The Spring Summer Jewellery Trend' 17

Catwalks are not historically that welcoming to mammary glands, but this season there has been a distinct emphasis on what lies beneath one’s bra. Literally in some cases. Céline has taken a punt on resurrecting early Nineties-era Madonna’s conical bras (we would love to see her pop one on, in a meta revisiting of herself); Dior featured frothy-skirted tulle evening gowns with boned bodice details; while at Alexander McQueen, Sarah Burton fashioned leather bra-lets to be worn over her ethereally pretty gowns. Very Boudicca goes to the ball.

With the minimum of fuss, Japanese designer Chitose Abe has exerted more influence than most other egos ten times the size of hers. All the hybrid chiffon and silk -backed t-shirts and jumpers, deconstructed trench –coats , shirts-as-dresses and slouchy wrap-tie silk kilts that are all over the catwalks and on the high street began pretty much with her. Her challenge is to keep moving forward without ditching her rightful intellectual property.

Choker mania kick-started earlier in the spring/summer 2014 season and we came up with clear understanding even then that this trend is really happening and will happen for a long time yet. How could we be so sure? History repeats itself. In not-too-distant Nineties when we were all pumped about that black pendant choker on Leon’s Mathilda or those plastic tattoo chokers on cool schoolgirls, these tricky pieces were already up to assume new disguises for the future. We see the result on the fall 2016 jewelry trends running over with thongs of choker necklaces.


When we state that the Nineties are coming back, pop-punk ear candies are surely among them forming one of the most viral fall/ winter 2016-2017 jewelry trends. The pop punk movement reaching its apogee in the ‘90s as the logical continuation of the punk movement broken out in the ‘70s brought ear cuffs and piercings forefront as number one barometers of the devotion to this style.

Today’s punk earrings do not necessitate any intimacy with punk culture or any colored Mohawk hairstyle to take on. They were rendered out in so many styles on the recent runway shows that chances are to adapt them quite successfully with your romantic, casual and elegant styles alike. And this is not preaching to the wind but a well-grounded statement.

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